Installation Projects

In Our Nature: Coloring Wall

This project was a participatory Coloring Wall installation, and was a part of my solo MFA Thesis Exhibition, HUMANNATURE. It consisted of an acrylic mural with crayons strewn along the floor below. The audience was invited to contribute. 

Coloring Page

This installation consists of >1000 copies of two off-set litho prints entitled Between The Meadow and The Marsh and In The Tongass. The prints are presented as a stack on two separate pedestals. The viewer is invited to take one home and color it. On the back of each print is the title of the work, artist name, and the instructions: DO NOT DISPOSE OF ARTWORK. On the top of the pedestals, underneath each stack of prints, is the phrase THE END.

Exhibited in: 

HUMAN NATURE - Solo Exhibition; Steuben Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2017

What You Learn While You're Here; The Boiler | Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2017